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Simple investments

Premium investment conditions for everyone

Any investment always assumes certain difficulties. By investing in nxt-coin-invest , you can always be sure that your investments are under reliable protection, and will consistently provide you with high dividends.

Investment portfolio

START up to 208%
Amount $ 35 0.005 BTC 0.5 LTC 0.001 ETH 0.001 XRP
Interest rate 2 - 4% per week
Term 365 days
BASIC up to 234%
Amount $ 70 0.01 BTC 1 LTC 0.002 ETH 0.002 XRP
Interest rate 2.5 - 4.5% per week
Term 365 days
LITE up to 260%
Amount $ 140 0.02 BTC 2 LTC 0.004 ETH 0.004 XRP
Interest rate 2.5 - 5% per week
Term 365 days
MEDIUM up to 286%
Amount $ 280 0.04 BTC 4 LTC 0.008 ETH 0.008 XRP
Interest rate 3 - 5.5% per week
Term 365 days
LARGE up to 312%
Amount $ 560 0.08 BTC 8 LTC 0.016 ETH 0.016 XRP
Interest rate 3 - 6% per week
Term 365 days
TRADER up to 338%
Amount $ 1120 0.16 BTC 16 LTC 0.032 ETH 0.032 XRP
Interest rate 3.5 - 6.5% per week
Term 365 days
EXCLUSIVE up to 364%
Amount $ 2240 0.32 BTC 32 LTC 0.064 ETH 0.064 XRP
Interest rate 4 - 7% per week
Term 365 days
PRO up to 390%
Amount $ 4480 0.64 BTC 64 LTC 0.128 ETH 0.128 XRP
Interest rate 4 - 7.5% per week
Term 365 days
INFINITY up to 416%
Amount $ 8960 1.28 BTC 128 LTC 0.256 ETH 0.256 XRP
Interest rate 4.5 - 8% per week
Term 365 days
WORLD ELITE up to 442%
Amount $ 17920 2.56 BTC 256 LTC 0.512 ETH 0.512 XRP
Interest rate 4.5 - 8.5% per week
Term 365 days
INFINITY+ up to 468%
Amount $ 35840 5.12 BTC 512 LTC 1.24 ETH 1.24 XRP
Interest rate 5 - 9% per week
Term 365 days
* Payment of the deposit body is made in equal parts Create deposit

Investment packages


START investment plan has a weekly return up to 4.0%. This amount will include both net profit and part of the deposit itself, which is equal to its size divided by the number of weeks in a year. With a one-time investment of $35 and an annual income up to 208%, the START offer is the most optimal for all new investors. All accruals are made on Fridays.


BASIC offer has an increased percentage of returns, compared to START plan. By investing an amount of $70, the depositor will receive a weekly income up to 4.5%, which makes an impressive difference with an insignificantly larger amount of investment. All accruals are made on Fridays. At the end of the investment period, the income will make up to 234% of the initial deposit.


At investing cost of $140, LITE portfolio provides the depositor with a weekly income up to 5.0%. Having chosen this investment plan, you will receive up to 260% of income after completion of investment period. The income from the investment activity will be received on the personal account on Fridays in an automatic mode until the deposit expires.


MEDIUM investment offer is available upon investing an amount of $280. MEDIUM is an excellent choice for beginner investors who have opportunity to make a deposit. The terms of this plan provide a weekly income up to 5.5%, which will be made on Fridays, and the annual income will make up to 286%.


LARGE offer is suitable for experienced investors. Opening the deposit for $560, the investor will automatically receive up to 6.0% dividend onto the investor's account on Fridays, which is for 2.0% higher than of the first plan, and the profit for the entire period of investment will make up to 312%.


TRADER package provides the investor with annual income up to 338%. The amount of profit that will be accrued weekly on the investor's personal account is up to 6.5%. The terms of this investment plan assume investment of $1120. This offer is suitable for more experienced investors. All accruals will be made on Fridays.


This investment plan is good for highly experienced investors, who are ready to invest 2240$ and to receive dividends up to 7.0% every week. Investor’s income shall make up to 364% in the end of the period. The whole investment income shall be automatically charged onto the account on Fridays.

8. PRO

This offer is intended for professional traders ready to invest $4,480 without any difficulties. Selecting PRO offer, you will receive the income amount up to 7.5% on the personal account every Friday. In case of opening the deposit under this investment plan, the investor's income for the entire period will make up to 390%.


INFINITY plan offers investors a very high growth rate of profit, and the income per week will be up to 8.0%. To open this package, you will need to invest $8960. The interest from the investment will be accrued on Fridays on the investor's personal account throughout the entire period of investment activity. After completion of the entire period, the investor will receive up to 416% of profit.


WORLD ELITE is a luxurious investment portfolio that offers an excellent income for the most professional investors. Having opened this plan, the investor will receive an income up to 8.5% on the personal account on Fridays, and the profit for the entire investment period will make up to 442%. You will need to invest $17920 to open the deposit.


INFINITY + is our largest investment package, intended only for those who know the value of money. The owner of this package will receive income up to 9% on Fridays. To open a deposit, it will be necessary to invest $35,840, and the profit for the entire investment period will make up to 468%.